The benefits of hiring a healthcare advocate


In this complicated world of insurance, multiple doctors, mounds of paperwork, giant lists of medications and aging parents I just couldn’t go it alone. Kim has been an amazing resource for both the small and the big things. You just don’t realize how heavy all those small things can get until they’re lifted off your plate. I’m so grateful to have someone in my court who has this huge level of knowledge and resources but is also incredibly compassionate. I’m so thankful for Kim and could not imagine this journey without her.

Jennifer Thomas, Glendora, CA

Kim has been wonderful helping me move my mom to a new facility. She has done all the scheduling to review the facility and handled appointments for testing. She has spoken with my mom’s doctor regarding the paperwork needed, appointments, tests and questions. In addition Kim took the time to negotiate a price with the facility to help us financially and worked many hours with my mom’s placement. She is very caring and patient with elderly patients and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance placing a family member in a care facility.

Robin Carter, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I express my deepest gratitude for Kim and Professional Healthcare Advocates. Recently my mom experienced a brain bleed. My mom being in Arizona and me in California, I didn’t know what to do. I drove to AZ and spoke with the doctors but I was more confused than ever, until I found Kim. She was able to tell me in plain English what was going on, explained everything and how I should handle it. She made sure I was set up with the right physical therapists and walked me through all the events. My mom is well and healthy now but Kim is still there when I have questions or can’t understand what the doctors are saying. I recommend her to everyone I speak to and would give a review of 20 out of 10 every time.

Annie Saenz, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Having a parent with dementia is really hard. Having them want to live alone: harder. But when the dementia progresses and other conditions pile on for the parent, who lives alone, while the kids live plane flights away during a pandemic that seems not to end? Help! I have been SO grateful to have the guidance and help of Kim Acosta and Professional Health Care Advocates. She knows her stuff and has a quick eye for both upsides and difficulties in the medical system, an intuitive grasp of what might be coming in someone’s life, and how to help them through it with creativity and hope. She explains complex things clearly, with standard language. And she really cares. I met Kim when she saw my dad with home health for a minor fall. She connected so well with him, and I could tell right away that she knew her stuff. She continues to hold his trust and mine. Kim operates with equal parts compassion, strength of conviction, expertise, humor, and hope as she helps us navigate the complexities of my dad’s life and medical needs. She has foreseen needs and helped us resource them—from vaccine appointments to great caregivers. Having her partnership and advocacy is a win for my dad, but also for me. Becoming a PHCA client was the best decision I made this year

Alison Siewert, Lancaster, PA

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