Professional Healthcare Advocates was founded by a Registered Nurse who spent many years advocating for
her patients. This hands on experience, combined with an established network of trusted providers and
facilities, has guided her to create this professional and potentially life saving healthcare navigation service.


Our Mission is to ensure everyone receives
compassionate, high quality healthcare.

Kim Acosta, RN, BSN
Founder and Lead Advocate

During her years as a professional registered nurse Kim often found a breakdown in communication between patients, their physicians, and the healthcare team. With a deep passion for quality patient care as the driving force, her goal became to bridge this gap to ensure continuity of care, patient safety and best outcomes.

Kim has worked in a variety of healthcare settings caring for patients on both ends of the lifespan, infants through seniors. She began her career as a Perinatal nurse with the USC Perinatal Group. Focusing on maternal and fetal medicine, high-risk pregnancies, maternal complications, procedures, and coordinating referrals to other specialists, she often worked in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

From there she moved into home health and hospice care where she has, for several years, worked with patients who have multiple health concerns. It was while doing this work that she felt the driving need to pursue advocacy, as far too often she witnessed the communication breakdown between providers and clients in the home. She devoted much of her time to communicating with providers on behalf of her

patients, educating them and their family members about their health conditions, medications, and available options, thereby empowering them to take an active role in their care.

As a hospice nurse Kim considered it a blessing to be with someone as they were nearing end of life, and in doing so has learned that more often than not, dying is a process, not a single event. She has been honored to guide patients and family members through that journey, ensuring death with dignity.

Kim earned her BSN from Azusa Pacific University where she was a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Society of Nursing for her academic excellence. She is currently a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, a subscriber to the Health Advocate’s Code of Conduct and Professional Standards, and is a proud member of the Glendora Chamber of Commerce in California.

We sometimes contract out to other professionals to best serve your specific needs.
This may include insurance and billing specialists, chaplains and other healthcare advocates.
You can rest assured these professionals are credentialed and hold all appropriate licenses.
You will be notified in advance who will be working with you and we will gladly provide references.

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